Listing Agents: Price Drop vs Rate Drop ( Seller Buy Down)

Joann Wong

Published 1 month ago


These higher interest rates will impact buyers' qualifications if you have not noticed. The higher rates are also beginning the "price drops " trend, which sellers use to help attract affordable housing for buyers.

But, most sellers don't know or can show the actual numbers on how that impacts buyers. This inability to show the numbers and knowledge of how dropping the rates has a more significant impact on a buyer's payment than lowering a sales price could ever have.

Price vs. Rate -

Did you know, and I can show you through this side-by-side comparison, how a PRICE DROP of 20k compared to a 20k RATE DROP (SBD) impacts a potential buyer's payment? The rate drop triple the savings to that buyer payment, and if you took that new lower payment, that's like dropping the price by 60k!

Seller Buy Down -

I wanted to show you how an SBD works and how the Buyer & Seller can benefit when the SBD + is structured within a purchase transaction. ( videos below )

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20K Price Drop vs 20k Rate Drop Comparison

Drop Price vs SBD (600K)

National Rate Averages

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FHA 30Y Fixed


Jumbo 30Y Fixed


Rate averages are calculated from actual locked rates. Learn more.

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